All of my showreels (sample photography videos) are now available on my blog for public viewing. Take your pick and click on the links below-

-My First Year™ showreel

-Baby photography showreel

-Child photography showreel

I would love to hear your feedback.

For more information about my photography CLICK HERE

To see my latest work CLICK HERE

To speak to me in person please email me here or contact me on 01767 677 691 or 07814 234 553

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  1. Chris Hanley says:

    Dear Geoff Reardon Blog readers just thought I’d add an unprompted and professional opinion on his latest showreels. Wonderful and creative collections of photography. Good eye, good composition, first class exposures from a real gentleman and photographer. That is all.

    • Thank you Chris! What an original thoughtful comment from a truly original top class photographer. Thank you so much. One I will treasure for years to come. From one real gentleman and photographer to another 🙂

Comments are much appreciated by my clients & I!

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