Family Photographer Wimbledon, London – The Hubers | Kiddywinks™

Yet another memorable shoot with the lovely Huber’s in the bag! I love Photographing this fun-loving family. Each and every photo shoot with them just keeps getting better and better. I have been privileged to witness and photograph little Leo and Nici grow up since photographing their My First Year™ before the family moved to Singapore. They came back 2 years later with the newest member of the family, Mona. Mum, Julia actually booked me in for a Cake™ shoot with Mona, on their return to London, while they were still in Singapore! Now that’s what I call organised! 🙂

Next up was this Kiddwinks™ shoot in one of my favourite local London parks. We had to postpone this shoot twice before this due to the Diamond Jubilee and the ridiculously unpredictable weather this year! On the day we had some very light rain showers which tried to put us off but we had plenty of cover so it was thankfully ok!
Julia and Dad, Flo did a fabulous job as usual entertaining little Leo, Nici and Mona. The kids were never short of things to do or games to play. They fed the ducks, raced up steps, threw stones into the Thames (don’t tell anyone!), played hide and seek, a game of who can blow the best raspberries, heads, shoulders, knees and toes (with a few nose, ears and mouth touches thrown in for good measure!) We then hung around waiting for the fountains (or ‘water mountains’ as Leo called them!) to turn on only to give up waiting and walk away, once we were at the wrong end of the fountains they sprung to life and put on a spectacular show! Typical!

A wonderful day with a very special family client of mine! Thank you as always Julia, Flo, Leo, Nici & Mona x

My previous Cake™ shoot with Mona can be found here. Leo and Nici’s Cake™ shoot from 2 years ago can be found on my old blog here.

Check how much Leo and Nici have grown here (part one) and here (part two) on my old blog. I was fortunate to capture their ‘My First Year™’ almost 3 years ago before the family moved to Singapore!

I still have a few spaces left for summer family shoots but I expect them to go shortly. If you are interested in a baby or child photo shoot you can see further examples of my work here, find out more about the photo shoots here or contact me for further information here.

The famous 5!

Mona really doesn’t need any help smiling dad 🙂


  1. Chris Hanley says:

    Top class work my friend. Love the pic of Dad making Mona smile. A modern day Mona lisa p’haps ? 🙂

    • Thanks Chris. One of my favourites too, along with the boys running up the steps, amongst others! 🙂 Great shoot.
      Mona Lisa? We’ll have to consult Julia and Flo about that 🙂

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