Cake™ {What it’s all about}


‘Designed For your baby’s first birthday!’

This popular single baby photography service consists of a bespoke 1-hour studio photo shoot.

I designed this package as a unique way of celebrating a baby’s first birthday. A baby’s first birthday is a major milestone in you and your baby’s life that deserves to be celebrated in style! How will you and your baby remember your baby’s first birthday?  Invest in memories that last a lifetime!

The optimum time for a Cake™ shoot is just before, just after or on your baby’s 1st birthday!


A very memorable twin brothers Cake™ shoot. In fact this was my very first Cake™ shoot!

The shoot

This shoot usually takes place in my studio in South West London but can be done in the comfort of your own home (depending on location and space). All we need is you, your baby and a cake! If time is limited I can supply the cake (chocolate usually works best) or send you a selection of ones to buy and easily make yourself. The resulting images will be very memorable and I can guarantee that they’ll put a smile on your face each time you look at them.

Each session is usually kept to a maximum of one hour in order to minimise fuss or distraction from your baby’s routine. However, I understand that your baby may need to be fed or changed (or just have a cuddle!) so I take a relaxed approach and am happy to ‘go with the flow’.

Your baby and the cake will be photographed on a thick white/ grey background which will prevent any mess. I am also very happy to bring an assistant or two with me so we can contain your cake covered baby to the messy area!

Following the shoot you will be treated to a wonderful online audio-visual viewing of your images of your baby enjoying their 1st birthday cake!!

Popular products; Frames and Albums – Click here to see examples.

If you are thinking about booking a Cake™ shoot it’s best to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. I take on a very limited amount of Cake™ commissions per year. If you are interested in a mini studio photo shoot you can see further examples of my work here or contact me for further information here.

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The twins (above) little sister had her turn a few years later!


This young man made mince meat of the cake and he had another go a few years later helping his younger brother demolish his cake (below)!


This older brother got to do it twice, gate crashing his younger brothers Cake shoot™! If siblings want to join in on the fun, well why not, I’m always game for something different!


Warning! There will be a bit of mess, but hey, you only turn 1 once! A post shoot bath is highly recommended!


Double trouble! More stills from the twins Cake™ shoot!

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