Expression™ {What it’s all about}


‘Designed For babies from 5+ months’

This popular single baby photography service consists of a bespoke 1-hour studio photo shoot.

I designed this package as a way of celebrating a baby’s new-found personality at this tender age of discovery. I believe that it is an important time in your baby’s life as s/he discovers how to express their feelings through facial expressions. It is a period in their little lives that simply must be recorded and I can think of no better way than an Expression™ shoot to do so. How will you and your baby remember your baby’s first expressions?  Invest in memories that last a lifetime!

The optimum time for an Expression™ shoot is when your baby is 5+ months, can sit up unaided (but aren’t yet on the move!), look left and right and when their personality is starting to shine!

Each session is usually kept to a maximum of one hour in order to minimise fuss or distraction from your baby’s routine. However, I understand that your baby may need to be fed or changed (or just have a cuddle!) so I take a relaxed approach and am happy to ‘go with the flow’.

Following the shoot you will be treated to a wonderful online audio-visual viewing of your images.


The shoot

This shoot usually takes place in my studio in South West London or in the comfort of your own home (depending on location and space). We’ll discuss ideas and clothing (hats look great!) before the shoot. The beauty of an Expression™ shoot is that I can change the colour of the background in a flash meaning that we can match background colours to your interior, baby’s clothing, skin tone or even his/her eye colour! However if you are a black and white lover I’ll pick a background colour that converts brilliantly in a black and white image. Either way the resulting images will be very memorable and I can guarantee that they’ll put a smile on your face each time you look at them.

The shoot lasts around 1 hour and we’ll work to a pace that suits your baby (s/he is the boss after all!)

Popular products; Multi Image Frames, Canvases and Albums – Click here to see examples.




The pictures from an Expression™ shoot are perfectly suited to a collection or single framed prints, canvases or block wraps (a print bound to wood which is slightly elevated from the wall). They would be a fitting and stylish addition to the bedroom, lounge, kitchen or stair wall (like the examples below).


An Expression™ block wrap frame collection

The great thing about an Expression™ shoot is that the coloured background can be predetermined before the shoot. The background colour can be matched to or compliment your interior. The images work great as a collection or as a single striking image (like the one below).


A single striking Expression™ block wrap

Expression™ images work equally well in black and white too, If you are a black and white lover (see below). Each coloured background has been carefully chosen to convert into beautiful black and white images.


A single striking black & white Expression™ block wrap

If you are thinking about booking an Expression™ shoot it’s best to book as early as possible.

I take on a very limited amount of Expression™ commissions per year. If you are interested in a mini studio photo shoot you can see further examples of my work here or contact me for further information here.

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