Baby aah Baby ooh™ {What it’s all about}


‘Designed For baby’s under 1 year’

This popular single baby photography service consists of a bespoke 1-2 hour photo shoot in a location of your choice.

A baby’s first year is over so quickly. So much growth takes place as your baby expresses their personality. Only too often I hear parents saying that they wished that they had professional photographs taken of their baby in the first year. How will you and your baby remember such an important time in your lives?  Invest in memories that last a lifetime!

The optimum time to photograph your baby is within the first 14 days, at 5-7 months and 9-12 months. Nevertheless equally beautiful photographs can be captured in between these periods.

Each session is usually kept to a maximum of two hours in order to minimise fuss or distraction from your baby’s routine. However, I understand that your baby may need to be fed or changed (or just have a cuddle!) so I take a relaxed approach and am happy to ‘go with the flow’.

Following the shoot you will be treated to a wonderful audio-visual viewing of your images which can take place in your home or at my viewing room in South West London.

My families often come back for repeat shoots every 1 – 2 years to add to their growing archive of memories.

The shoot

This shoot usually takes place in the comfort of your own home or a location of your choice. Whether the location happens to be your home, local park or a forest I’ll capture some great images of you all. It’s up to you to decide but the best locations are ones that your baby is familiar with and where you and your family feel most relaxed. We’ll discuss locations and ideas beforehand and the location, if unfamiliar to me will be explored before the shoot so we can just concentrate on getting a collection of fabulous images.

The shoot lasts around 1-2 hours and we’ll work to a pace that suits your baby (s/he is the boss after all!)

Popular products; Frames, Albums – Click here to see examples.

If you are thinking about booking a newborn Baby aah Baby ooh™ shoot it’s best to book as early as possible.

I take on a very limited amount of Baby aah Baby ooh™ commissions per year. If you are interested in a baby or child photo shoot you can see further examples of my work here, find out more about the photo shoots here or contact me for further information here.

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