My First Year™ {What it’s all about}


‘3 shoots over your baby’s first year on planet earth!’

This very popular baby photography service consists of 3 wonderful shoots throughout your baby’s first year.

Each session is usually kept to a maximum of two hours in order to minimise fuss or distraction from your baby’s routine. However, I understand that your baby may need to be fed or changed (or just have a cuddle!) so I take a relaxed approach and am happy to ‘go with the flow’.

Following each shoot you will be treated to a wonderful audio-visual viewing of your images which can take place in your home or at my viewing room in South West London.

I can quite often be found pouring over my parents old photos of my family through the years. Why not make your family photos the best possible for your kids to pour over in years to come! They’ll love you for it!

My families often come back for repeat shoots every 1 – 2 years to add to their growing archive of memories.

The photos pictured below are some highlights of an actual My First Year™ client of mine featuring the gorgeous little Avery. These images will give you a good idea of what you can expect from a set of My First Year™ photo shoots. I have also included previews of the actual albums that my clients ordered so you get the full picture. Enjoy!


Shoot 1 {Newborn Shoot}

This first shoot usually takes place in the comfort of your own home within the first 14 days of your little one being born. The shoot is all about the joy of a new life; a new son, daughter, brother or sister. The first shoot is usually very calm, peaceful (as the chances are your new little one will be fast asleep!) and relaxed. I hope to capture a glimpse of your little one’s eyes, a hint of a smile, cute little button noses, tiny hands and feet, gorgeous baby wrinkles and big yawns (or cries!).

The shoot lasts around 1-2 hours and we’ll work at a comfortable and relaxed pace.

Popular products for shoot 1; Frames, Albums – Click here to see examples or My First Year™ Collections.






Shoot 2 {5-7 month shoot}

This shoot usually takes place in the comfort of your own home or a location of your choice.  This shoot is all about capturing your little one sitting up, crawling, those individual expressions and your baby’s favourite toys. Between 5-7 months is a wonderful time for a photo shoot as your baby’s personality will be beginning to shine through and this can lead to some amazingly expressive images.

The shoot lasts around 1-2 hours and we will all be entertaining your baby, making funny noises and generally acting like big kids!

Many clients opt to have an additional Expression™ shoot at this point as their baby’s expressions are so comical and gorgeous. Click here to see my Mini Studio Shoot showreel which includes samples of my Expression™ shoots.

Popular products for shoot 2; Frames, Albums – Click here to see examples or My First Year™ Collections.







Shoot 3 {9-12 month shoot}

This shoot usually takes place in a local park, a special place that means a lot to you or somewhere you often visit. To give you an idea of what’s possible in terms of location, I’ve done the final shoots on beaches, in the City of London, in a forest, on a farm, at a holiday home and even at the 1st birthday party! It’s up to you to decide but the best locations are ones that your baby is familiar with and where you and your family feel most relaxed.

This shoot is all about toddling and wobbly walking and is usually the liveliest of all 3 shoots! Don’t worry if your baby isn’t walking yet as there will still be a vast change in your baby to make the images in this shoot completely different from the last set.

The shoot lasts around 2 hours and we will all be running around trying to keep up with your new little olympic athlete, making monkey noises (optional) whilst wondering where the last year has gone!

Popular products for shoot 3; Frames, Albums – Click here to see examples or My First Year™ Collections.

Many clients opt to have an additional Cake™ shoot at this point to celebrate their baby’s first birthday in style. Click here to see my Mini Studio Shoot showreel which includes samples of my Cake™ shoots.










This family initially purchased an album for themselves along with smaller additional duplicate albums for their parents. This particular album documented Avery’s first My First Year™ photo shoot and can be viewed here –

Once we had finished all three My First Year™ photo shoots my clients decided to have a second album made. They wanted me to design the album so it would reflect Avery’s first year by featuring contrasting images from all three photo shoots alongside each other. They were thrilled with what I came up with and the final design can be viewed here-

Here are some pictures of the Avery’s actual My First Year™ album and smaller duplicate albums.  These albums are bound in brown genuine leather and have been laser engraved with their daughter’s name and birthdate on the front covers-


So there you have it, a complete My First Year™!

If you are thinking about booking a My First Year™ package  it’s best to book as early as possible. The best time to start the series of shoots is within the first 14 days of your baby’s arrival on planet earth! But we can always start a bit later if that is more suitable to you or your baby. I take on a very limited amount of My First Year™ commissions per year. If you are interested in a baby or child photo shoot you can see further examples of my work here, find out more about the photo shoots here or contact me for further information here.

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