My girls pt. I {A personal blogpost}


This post is a rather self-indulgent one… but how could I possibly resist!

As some of you may know, I now have another beautiful girl in my life. The new addition Sia Grace Reardon was born at 11.45am on the 15th November 2012 at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, London. Weighing 7lb 7oz.

My girls are the best. Sia is 4 weeks young today. Time has flown, although it seems like she has been here for years. I’m a very very lucky man. I know this. I will treasure this time for the rest of my lifetime. Stephy (my wife)- I no longer need any Christmas or birthday presents as you have given me the ultimate one here x

A client of mine recently asked me whether ‘since having a baby has it changed the way I photograph babies and children?’ I said no, but I now truly understand the love that parents have for their children. Hopefully this love pours out of every pixel in these photographs and all photographs I take in the future.

Turn up your speakers and press play on the video (below) for the full set of photos, from what has to be the most incredible life changing experience I’ve ever had. I’ve been saving this particular song from the moment we found out Stephy was pregnant on holiday in my beloved Trinidad & Tobago in April 2012. I didn’t have a song in mind had our baby been a boy, even though we were certain it would be. Funny that! Stephy very kindly allowed me to use the bump photographs that we’ve been taking over the last 7 months of her pregnancy and there are a lot of other unseen photos in there too. So it’s well worth a watch (and a cry if you are an emotional one! :))

If you are short on time or can’t watch the video see the preview photos below and watch the video later when you can!

You can view Part. II here

Song credit: My girls – Animal Collective (on iTunes)


27 weeks. Laying on a park bench, as you do!

33 weeks. Beautiful autumnal sunlight creeping through the trees

33 weeks. Beautiful autumnal sunlight creeping through the trees

A few minutes old

A few minutes old

Off to the ward we go

Off to the ward we go. The staff in St. Georges Hospital were out of this world! We couldn’t have asked for more. So grateful.

My girls worked hard!

My girls worked hard!

Spot the baby!

Spot the baby!

On the dining table

On the dining table

My new supermodel

My new supermodel

Yawn and a stretch

Yawn and a stretch

The highlight of (most) of our days together

The highlight of (most) of our days together

Tiny hands, lips, nose...

Tiny hands, lips, nose…

So small

So small

Her new friends. They'd been waiting a while

Her new friends. They’d been waiting a while

Moments together

Special moments together


How we spend most of our days!

My girls

My girls

The boss

The boss

from pre-wedding to wedding to baby. Image on the right © Chris Hanley Photography. Look how far we've come Chris :)

Treasured moments. The wonderful photo on the right © 2010 Chris Hanley Photography, our brilliant wedding photographer & friend

Gorgeous girl

Our gorgeous girl

You can view Part. II here


  1. Rasta says:

    Big love. Amazing!

  2. Chris Hanley says:

    Beautiful connective images which will stand the test of time. I honestly can say that this little girl is going to be loved to the max. Sia is so fortunate to be blessed by lovely parents and such a loving extended family. As photographers we meet hundreds of families. We observe and we sense. We have a sixth sense of what is special. Our friends ooze special. Have a beautiful christmas, enjoy every moment. Love to you all. C&C x

    • Said in only a way you can say it C&C. Thank you, means a lot to us. I can confirm; Sia is overloaded with love (I think she likes it!)
      Hope you have a very special Christmas too and big love to all the Hanleys. See you in the NY x

  3. Emma Cox says:

    Love it, love it, love it! Welled up a little bit too! Sia looks so different with every face she pulls. Beautiful. You are so good at what you do and it always shows in your photos but I think you have surpassed yourself with all these lovely photos of Sia and Steph. Love you all x

    • Thank you so much Emma. Glad it enduced some watering in your eyes! Steph is a seasoned pro model, as you know. I think Sia has inherited her modelling genes! Phew! Big love back xx

  4. Bernei says:

    How beautiful, how treasured and lots more to come…. what a lovely family…. you have captured the Steph that I know and love and Sia is just a beautiful little person and you are all very lucky to have each other. ENJOY x

    • Oh thank you Bernie.
      Many more photos to come, you know it! Poor child!
      All I really needed to do was put them in the right light, a little direction and they were off; lots of natural moments! It’s beautiful to see the bond between the 2, let alone capture it on camera.
      We are very lucky that little Sia has created another wonderful chapter in our lives.
      Thanks for looking & commenting x

  5. Absolutely gorgeous. We are so pleased for you both. That is going to be one heck of a photographed little girl, lucky Sia. You are such a natural, and how cool that Stephen and now are clearly naturals too! Enjoy your first Xmas as a little family, although I’m sure there will be some extended family activities in there too. Big love to you all and give that sis of yours a big lick up from us! V xx

    • Steph, not Stephen, bloomin’ apple!

    • Thank you so much Vix. She is going to be photographed rather a lot, with a lot of shoots already planned and in the pipeline. If you thought Leo got it bad…watch this space!
      It all feels very natural to us so I guess it was meant to be. Years of photographing baby’s and kids has certainly helped me rather a lot. You know we have some wonderful role models just around the corner too!
      Next time you’re in Londres come visit!
      I’ll get Sia to do a big lick up for you, she may even do a projectile vomit if Jules is lucky!
      Big love back to you all and I hope you, Geoff and Arthur are keeping well out there xxx

  6. Tears are are actually on my iPad.
    Your girls are beautiful and they are also very lucky to have you.
    Amazing as always little brother.

  7. Rupa Davies says:

    Beautiful photography. Sia is such a gorgeous baby. Have a lovely christmas together.
    Love Rupa xxx

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