My 2012 in photos & videos

THANK YOU to my families for letting me in to capture their family magic.

THANK YOU to my wedding clients for letting me into their lives and trusting me to create their and my vision.

THANK YOU to my second photographers, Charlie and Clare for joining me for the ride and for their gorgeous photography and and Simon, my intern for the help.

THANK YOU to my family and friends.

THANK YOU to my wonderful wife for making me the proudest man alive.

What a year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a big happy new year to you all. Let’s make the number 13 lucky!

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5-baby-photographer-canterbury 6-baby-photographer-canterbury

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7-engagement-photographer-wimbledon 8-engagement-photographer-wimbledon

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9-baby-photographer-kent 10-baby-photographer-kent 11-baby-photographer-kent

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14-pre-wedding-photographer-chelsea 15-pre-wedding-photographer-chelsea

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17-family-photographer-clapham 18-family-photographer-clapham 19-family-photographer-clapham

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20-engagement-photographer-southbank-london 21-engagement-photographer-southbank-london 22-engagement-photographer-southbank-london

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23-newborn-photographer-putney-south-west-london 24-newborn-photographer-putney-south-west-london

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25-birthday-photographer-canterbury-kent 26-birthday-photographer-canterbury-kent

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28-wedding-photographer-botleys-mansion 29-wedding-photographer-botleys-mansion 30-wedding-photographer-botleys-mansion 31-wedding-photographer-botleys-mansion

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32-baby-photographer-wimbledon 33-baby-photographer-wimbledon

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34-family-photographer-battersea-park 35-family-photographer-battersea-park 36-family-photographer-battersea-park 37-family-photographer-battersea-park

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38-family-photographer-northampton 39-family-photographer-northampton 40-family-photographer-northampton

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41-wedding-photographer-bijou-weddings 42-wedding-photographer-bijou-wedding

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43-wedding-photographer-northbrook-park 44-wedding-photographer-northbrook-park 45-wedding-photographer-northbrook-park 46-wedding-photographer-northbrook-park

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47-family-photographer-kensington 48-family-photographer-kensington 49-family-photographer-kensington

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50-family-photographer-brodastairs-kent 51-family-photographer-brodastairs-kent 52-family-photographer-brodastairs-kent 53-family-photographer-brodastairs-kent 54-family-photographer-brodastairs-kent 55-family-photographer-brodastairs-kent

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56-family-photographer-greenwich-park 57-family-photographer-greenwich-park 58-family-photographer-greenwich-park

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59-childrens-photographer-cannizaro-house-wimbledon 60-childrens-photographer-cannizaro-house-wimbledon 61-childrens-photographer-cannizaro-house-wimbledon 62-childrens-photographer-cannizaro-house-wimbledon 63-childrens-photographer-cannizaro-house-wimbledon

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64-baby-and-child-photographer-twickenham 65-baby-and-child-photographer-twickenham 66-baby-and-child-photographer-twickenham

67-conference-photographer-london 68-conference-photographer-london

69-baby-photographer-clapham 70-baby-photographer-clapham 71-baby-photographer-clapham

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72-baby-photographer-tooting-south-west-london 73-baby-photographer-tooting-south-west-london 74-baby-photographer-tooting-south-west-london 75-baby-photographer-tooting-south-west-london 76-baby-photographer-tooting-south-west-london

Song credit: Stop the Cavalry – Jona Lewie (on iTunes)

77-baby-photographer-putney-south-west-london 78-baby-photographer-putney-south-west-london

79-birthday-party-photographer-kent 80-birthday-party-photographer-kent 81-birthday-party-photographer-kent


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Song credit: My girls – Animal Collective (on iTunes)

I take on a very limited amount of weddings, baby and child photo shoots per year. If you are interested in my wedding, baby or child photography you can see further examples of my work here and contact me for further information here.


  1. Wow!! What a year….

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