Baby Photographer Putney, London- Eliott | My First Year™ | Part 2


Just before Christmas I visited 6 month old Eliott for his second My First Year™ shoot. The last time I saw Eliott he was only a few weeks old. Check out how much he’s grown! The second of the My First Year™ shoot is when there is the most change in my little baby subjects! It is also when their personality starts to shine through.

Eliott, his mum Marie-Laure and his dad James were just about to embark on a trip to France for their Christmas break so I’m glad I got the chance to see and photograph them all before they left. It was such a great shoot!  Eliott was fantastic! He pulled out loads of funny expressions and was a happy smily bundle of energy! Marie-Laure and James didn’t disappoint, especially with their energetic dancing for Eliott , who found it all very hilarious 🙂

Eliott’s next shoot will hopefully be when he is crawling/walking. I suspect that I’ll be in for a very busy time at the next shoot! Eliott is full of energy! I’ll also be visiting Eliott for a very special birthday shoot too!

Thanks as always Eliott, Marie-Laure and James. It’s always much fun with you guys x

Eliott’s first My First Year™ shoot can be found here.

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  1. James Parker says:

    Geoff – Just caught up with your blog. We love these photos so much and can’t wait for the next shoot. Of course, as Eliott’s parents, we would say that he is adorable but you have an extraordinary talent for capturing expressions. We are so happy to have found you and look forward to many more years of working together. James & Marie-Laure

    • Oh James & Marie-Laure thank you so much! Having lovely subjects really makes my job easy. Parents that are willing to dance to squeeze out a smile helps too 🙂
      I’m happy and lucky to have found you too. The feelings mutual!
      Much love, Geoff x

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