A very special Easter shoot | A Concept™ collaboration with Blanka Biernat


I’ve known Blanka for many years and have been wanting to work with her for a long time ever since seeing her fabulous illustrations. I almost managed to work with her on a project at Christmas, but sadly time wasn’t on our side. So the next opportunity  was for an Easter Concept™ shoot! With a rather cute (even if I do say so myself!) model on my doorstep, my daughter Sia, it couldn’t have been easier. Blanka and I brainstormed some ideas, I photographed Sia in the studio, handed the files over to Blanka and she sprinkled her magic dust on them. Here are the results!

My Cake™, Expression™ and Concept™ shoots are a very popular way to celebrate little ones birthdays or a special occasion. The ideas for a Concept™ shoot, such as this, are endless – think Easter, Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, invites, cards, posters, frames…To enquire about a bespoke photo-illustration please get in contact.

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Blanka is also regularly commissioned for individual, couple and family portraits. The last time I visited her she was also working on a wedding stationary commission. Check out this family portrait she did for us below which will soon be proudly framed in my daughters nursery. She has observed every detail of my family – my wife’s bendy legs, love of stripey tops and cardigans! My daughter’s mohawk. My wedding ring, camera and giant eyebrows! 🙂 You can view more of her wonderful illustrations here or click on the picture below. One talented lady!


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