Classic yet so memorable {1000 words #4}


A picture is worth a 1000 words

Delving into my image archive to re-publish a series of images that encapsulate meaning and emotion

This type of image is the epitome of expression and connection. It was taken at a wedding reception at the Harwood Arms, Fulham, London. There was lots of lovely natural light flooding into the room via the many tall windows in the building. I’ll never tire of this sort of image. Classic yet so memorable. It reveals so many emotions and you can almost feel the happiness that this gorgeous family were feeling on their big day. Creating and preserving memories is something I strive to do through photography for all of my clients.

Simplicity is best when framing this sort of image. A timeless white frame and deep cut white mount would show the image off in all it’s glory and without distraction. This type of image could be displayed at any size, although I’d probably suggest a medium-sized frame for the wall or a smaller frame for display on a book shelf, fireplace or amongst a collection of framed images, perhaps from the wedding or alongside other meaningful images. It would also be a great present for the grandparents, parents or siblings.

I am very happy to offer a personal Home Design consultation to discuss your framing options. I can advise you where best to hang your framed images and help you decide which frames complement your home’s interior. Following your Home Design consultation, using the latest technology, I can give you a graphic design solution of how your frames will actually look on the walls of your own home. Please feel free to get in contact to discuss your ideas.

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I only take on 10 weddings each year, if you would like to see more of my work please take a look at my Pre-Wedding Shoot Showreel here and my Wedding Photography Showreel here. For more information about my wedding photography please visit my website or contact me here. Due to high demand it is advisable to get in contact as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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