Baby & Children’s birthday party photographer Twickenham | The Huber Bros 4th Birthday Party


I’ve been very fortunate to have photographed this lovely family for the last 4 years. I started photographing Leo and Nici a.k.a. The Huber Bros when they were only a month old and I have had the privilege of photographing them ever since (with a small gap whilst the family were living in Singapore) right up to the current day. The family is now known as The Huber5 since they added little daughter, Mona along the way!

I was asked to photograph Leo and Nici’s 4th birthday party, which was, as expected, an amazing spectacle. Mum, Julia and Dad, Flo sure know how to throw a children’s birthday party! All the kids were dropped off by the parents at the gorgeous new family home and left in Julia and Flo’s capable hands for 3 hours- Julia and Flo are very brave people! The kids were thoroughly entertained by a fantastic magician (Alexandra aka Jolly Dolly). There was a popcorn themed birthday cake, lots of laughing, dancing, slides, blow up dinosaurs (!) and the day was finished with an Angry Birds Piñata! The Huber Bros were in their element with all their little friends and little sister Mona could be found wandering around monitoring the older kids! What a party. It couldn’t have been any better. If I were a Huber Bro I would be very proud of my mum and dad! Well done Julia & Flo!

I completely adore this wonderful family and always have so much fun in their company. I can’t thank them enough for the fun and good times over the last 4 years and hope there is plenty more to come. They have also helped spread my name and business over the years so thank you again!

Big love to Julia, Flo, Leo, Nici and Mona x

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I take on a very limited amount of baby and child shoots per year. My diary is becoming very busy for 2013 so be quick if you are thinking of booking a shoot! If you are interested in a baby or child photo shoot you can see further examples of my work here, find out more about the photo shoots here or contact me for further information here.

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