My girls pt. II {A personal blogpost}

1 photos of photographers daughter

Poorly with a nasty stomach bug but she still gives Dad and his camera a smile. I love my kid!

8 months has passed since my last blog post about my girls- my wife Stephy and daughter Sia. Sia turned 9 months young yesterday so this post, ‘My Girls pt. II’ couldn’t come at a more fitting time.

I often tell my clients that time flies when you have a child and now my own words have been confirmed! Time really is flying, yet it feels as if Sia has always been here. I actually can’t clearly recall what life was like without her around…but maybe that is the effect of lack of sleep! To be completely honest though I think Sia has made it rather easy for us and we really have been very fortunate to have been blessed with an angelic baby (with a few diva strops thrown in!) Yes, there have been a few nights where we have had broken sleep or very early morning calls, a bit of frustration and general ‘we don’t know what we’re doing wrong’ days but all in all Sia has treated us very kindly………………… far.

Since my last blog post she has gone from a very content pouting newborn to a chubby, cackling, clapping and laughing chunk of a baby. She is an absolute joy to be around and I feel very lucky to be able to work from home and see her throughout the day. I quite often pop downstairs to ‘make a cup of tea’ and find myself still there an hour later laughing, joking and playing with little Sia. She is rather addictive and is also a huge distraction! Somehow I always manage to get my work done though. I think it may be because I know if I don’t get it all done I don’t get to spend more time with her in the evening! Time is precious without a baby and even more precious with a baby so I try to make the most of it.

Stephy, my wife has done an amazing job looking after and entertaining Sia on a daily basis. From taking her to Monkey Music, baby massage, swimming classes, buggy fit (and of course lunching and drinking prosecco with her NCT friends!) they have a very busy life. All this and working on her own business too with no maternity leave! I, like many other fathers I’m sure, am astounded how mothers manage. It really is the toughest job ever, and I only look after Sia for a whole day from time to time, let alone every day for months on end! I salute you Stephy and all other mums!

Here are a few photos from Sia’s splendid little life from 21 days – 8 months. The photos are mostly in chronological order but there are few comparisons along the way. As you can imagine I photograph her regularly (!) so I have cut this selection down to the very best of the best. Otherwise I’d bore you!


You can see highlights of Sia’s early days in part I of ‘My girls’ here.

General signature for letter


2 months young


6 months young


8 months young


This was actually meant to be Sia’s passport photo session but we kind of gatecrashed it! My father-in-law thinks that she is wondering where my hair is in this photo! Unfortunately it has gone for good little Miss Sia!


I was actually trying to get her head straight for her passport photo and she was lying on the floor, not being held up by her head as it seems!


She kicked (& continues to kick) us (me mainly) out of bed when she joins us for a lazy morning lay in!


These big blue eyes have now turned green & (I think) are on the verge of turning brown


My daughter always knows where the camera is (& it is ‘about’ ALOT) & has the perfect pout!


Sia was most pleased when she was upgraded to the ‘big bath’! Economy to business class in the world of baby baths!


Probably one of my favourite photos of my girls so far. We were on a train heading to Brighton for a sunny day trip by the sea


Um…the hotel sink turned bath?!


My mum sent a text on the day Sia turned 6 months demanding a ‘6 month’ photo so we had a quick think, printed & mounted some text & created this! It would appear Sia ate the ‘o’! Happy now mum?!


She learnt how to sit up unaided on my birthday! Very thoughtful of her!


A grab shot during Sia’s very first commercial shoot for Dad! Check out those cheeks!

130528 photos of photographers daughter

At 6 months young Sia was now at the perfect age for her very own Expression shoot™

130528i photos of photographers daughter

More Expression™ photos & hats from Sia’s extensive collection!


Her reward! Somehow she doesn’t look that impressed with her ‘reward’. Sweets & money will probably only suffice in the future!


Never a dull moment with this particular little model of mine.


Sia enjoying (and pouting) in the early morning sunshine in Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon


Another day trip and another chance to take some photos. This time in the blossom filled grounds of Morden Hall Park!


Sia’s and her new hat, chilling in the sun in our back garden


She has her mum’s sleeping genes! Anywhere will do!


A young naturist appreciating Granddads lawn. Very cooling on the bottom on a hot summers day!


A lovely dad and daughter day out on Tooting Common. She ate a lot of grass that day!


Showing off her (almost) crawling skills to her big cousin on a recent camping trip. I have a feeling eyes in the back of our head would be a very useful thing to have soon!

You can see highlights of Sia’s early days in part I of ‘My girls’ here.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! A host of heart warming photos that capture the moment perfectly.

  2. Julien says:

    A great touching series Geoff!

  3. Dionne Gill says:

    Fantastic photo’s. must book you at some point to take some professional pics of my two.

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