Wedding Photographer Surrey | Stef & Santi Get Married

1-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 Well, what can I say about Stef and Santi’s wedding? I think the inclusion of many many pictures in a single blog post tell you just how much Charlie and I enjoyed this wedding.

From the moment I spoke on the phone to Stef and met her and Santi for their wedding consultation, and of course their glorious pre-wedding shoot, I knew their big day was going to be something very special. However, the actual day exceeded all of my expectations! It was an absolutely wonderful day for everyone involved. Stef and Santi’s attention to detail was astonishing…although I think it was Stef that had the most input to the wedding planning! Sorry Santi 🙂 From the simply stunning Enzoani wedding dress, Stef’s Jimmy Choo’s, makeup by Sarah Karran, hair by Meryl from the Academy Hair & Beauty Salon, the bridesmaids red dresses and sparkly Kurt Geiger shoes and matching bracelets. Santi and the groomsmen’s black Hugo Boss tuxedo’s, white shirts, black ties and finished off with red rose button-hole flowers. Very cool. There was the clever and informative invitations and order of services designed by Louise Richardson, Emma Lappins ridiculously brilliant (and almost edible!) flowers, a cute miniature red post box for the guests cards, the ‘sniff sniff’ tissues at the church, the wedding cake by Zoe Clark which was beautifully decorated to match the pattern on Stef’s wedding dress, THE FIREWORKS (a surprise for the guests), right through to the gorgeous themed thank you post card (again designed by Louise Richardson)

I received in the post recently (thanks for your very kind and touching words S&S x). Everything was utterly brilliant and very cleverly thought through. You really should go into the wedding planning business Stef! You two certainly know how to throw a great party!

It was lovely to see Stef and Santi’s wonderful (and both very glamorous) mums helping each other get ready and giggling away together throughout the day. Stef’s dad greeted the beautiful bride Stef on the doorstep once she was ready to leave for the church. I was already at the church at the time but Charlie captured the feeling and emotion of that special moment on camera. Nice job CB! Stef’s dad also had the second dance with his newly married daughter, who is clearly the apple of his eye. Santi’s dad looked beamingly proud of his son throughout the entire day and Stef and Santi’s brothers each gave meaningful readings at the church.

This wedding really was a family affair! Stef told me over email before her wedding day that she was a bag of nerves. However when the big day arrived the nerves were nowhere to be seen. Your nerves really didn’t show Stef! You looked absolutely divine, a very content and comfortable bride! An absolute pleasure and joy to photograph. Stef’s bridesmaids looked gorgeous and like they were having a ball for the entire day, Santi’s groomsmen (2 of them were his brothers) were brilliant fun and Santi’s best man Jeff (with a J!), kept the spirits high and the mood light and fun throughout the proceedings. Santi was the epitome of cool, as I expected him to be! You are the man Santi!

Stef and Santi you both epitomise what we love in our couples; genuine, fun-loving, warm-hearted and an utter pleasure to be around. Do you fancy doing it all again? Charlie and I would happily photograph you every day?! It was truly an honour spending time with you both again and of course to meet and photograph your warm, welcoming and fun family and friends. We wish you all the love and happiness for your future together. We know that your future will be truly magical, just like your wedding day.

We thank and salute you Mr and Mrs G! xxx

I could go on and on but for now I’ll let the pictures do the talking! Enjoy!

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Beautiful Emma Lappin flowers. This lady always amazes me with her wonderful creations. Her passion for what she does is second to none and she is the loveliest of ladies. One of the best in the business in my opinion!


A special day for two very lovely mother in laws. It was a delight to see them getting on so famously and thoroughly enjoying each and every moment throughout the day


The London route master waiting patiently to take the wedding guests to the church


Santi & his groomsmen looked effortlessly cool!


The jokes were running thick and fast throughout the day!


I just loved the wedding stationary by Louise Richardson. Clearly a lot of time and effort went into the stationary so I just had to feature it heavily in the photographs


Nick, Santi’s brother (on the right, in the photo on the right) did this at his wedding so Joaquin, Santi’s other brother (on the left) suggested we did it for Santi’s wedding! What a great idea!


Stef, her bridesmaids and both mums each had personalised gowns. A great touch Stef!


Perfect wedding hair by Meryl from the Academy of Hair & Beauty Salon and make-up by Sarah Karran. Stef looked simply stunning at each and every stage




Just wow!


More superlative examples of Louise Richardson’s stunning work



Cool…very cool!



I just love the expression on Stef’s Dads face!


Such a beautiful moment

19-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 20-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 21-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 22-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 23-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 24-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 25-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16


Stef & Santi arrive at the stunning Botleys mansion in style!



The perfect couple and a perfect wedding day!

29-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 30-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16


Check out the detail on the Cake (by Zoe Clark from the Cake Parlour). Amazing!


Charlie adding our own personal message to Stef and Santi’s guest signature frame. The photo was taken at their fantastic pre-wedding shoot


Stef laboriously hand tied each red ribbon around each of the candles on the right; A gift for their wedding guests

34-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 35-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 36-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 37-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 38-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16


Fabulous fireworks organised by Santi!

40-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 41-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 42-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16 43-wedding-photography-surrey-KT16


A perfect set of finishing images to a wonderful day. The beautiful Stef and Santi under Botleys Mansions wonderful chandeliers


  1. Chris Hanley says:

    Superb Geoff. Top class professional wedding photography. Great compositions, sharp, well exposed and good editing. Lovely to see a collection that tells a great story and free of gimmicks. These really are timeless. Hi 5’s bud.

    • Thanks as ever for your kind comments Chris. Your words really do mean a lot coming from a (top class) fellow professional. High, side and low fives 🙂

  2. Susana Yeomans says:

    Dear Geoff (with G) and Charlie, the Big thank you it’s possible, for keep The wedding for ever! The Photos are a superb,excellent ,brilliant job! And special thank to Charlie, to help the moms to be on time and good! I hope you be around for the family future. With love Susana Yeomans .

    • Oh Susana! It was lovely to finally meet you and chat to you on S&S’s big day. You looked like you had an absolute ball and had a very happy day. I’m so pleased that you love the photos and hope that they bring you many fond memories now and for the future. They are a very special couple indeed. I’m sure Charlie is happy that she could assist helping the mums! We’ll hopefully see you again in the future. Much love back from Geoff (with a G) and Charlie xx

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