Avery’s My First Year™ Album

Last year I sadly waved goodbye to a family that I have been photographing for the last year (and a bit!) Emily, Eric, Avery and the family dog Egan recently left London to return to the States. I had previously had the honour of photographing Emily and Eric’s daughter, Avery 3 times in her first year (and a bit!) I photographed Avery for the first time when she was 8 days old, again when she was 8 months old and finally when she was 1 year and 2 months. Over this period I had photographed Avery as a sleepy newborn, crawling, sitting up and eventually walking. It was truly a memorable year with them and I have thoroughly enjoyed photographing and getting to know this wonderful family.

They initially purchased an album along with smaller additional duplicate albums for their parents. This particular album documented Avery’s first My First Year™ photo shoot. Compiled from a single 2 hour photo shoot, taken in the family home using available light only. The album can be viewed here-

Once we had finished all of Avery’s My First Year™ photo shoots my clients decided to have a second album made. They wanted me to design the album so it would reflect Avery’s first year by featuring contrasting images from all three photo shoots alongside each other. The design was challenging but I do love a challenge! Compiled from 3 single 2 hour photo shoots, taken in the family home and Battersea Park, London, they were thrilled with what I came up with and the final design can be viewed here-

Here are some pictures of the Avery’s actual My First Year™ album and smaller duplicate albums. These albums are bound in brown genuine leather and have been laser engraved with their Avery’s name and birthdate on the front covers-


You can see highlights of Avery’s entire first year here.

I have searched far and wide, touched, tested and sniffed (!) my product range to ultimately offer my clients the best of the best. I live and breathe my products and am extremely proud to say that they are all bespoke and not just ‘off the shelf’.

Each album is individually crafted and made from quality materials and are built up to a standard and not down to a price. I personally design these albums. I design them by using unique and elegant layouts featuring symmetry and simplicity to produce a timeless look. These albums will not age over time and I don’t follow any trends or fashions, meaning the albums will still look good tomorrow, next month and for many years to follow! The prints that make up these particular albums are printed by using a traditional silver halide process giving you the complete confidence in the albums durability.

I take on a very limited amount of baby and child shoots per year. If you are interested in a baby or child photo shoot you can see further examples of my work here, find out more about the photo shoots here or contact me for further information here.

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