My First Year™ Album & Frame Collections


The ever popular My First Year™ service is made up of 3 photo shoots. Shoot 1 captures your tiny baby as a sleepy newborn, Shoot 2 captures your bigger cackling 6 month old and Shoot 3 captures your (wobbly?) walking and talking (kind of?) one year old. In the past most of my clients have had an album or collection of frames at the end of their baby’s My First Year™ adventure. However that meant waiting a whole year before they had any gorgeous albums to show off or frames to proudly display on their walls (unless they ordered products along the way). This got me thinking…and I came up with the My First Year™ collections! My First Year™ collections have been designed so that you can have a collection of frames or a beautiful album to show from each My First Year™ shoot. Resulting in a timeless collection of albums or frames once your baby’s My First Year™ sessions are complete.

I have searched far and wide, touched, tested and sniffed (!) my product range to ultimately offer my clients the best of the best. I live and breathe my products and am extremely proud to say that they are all bespoke and not just ‘off the shelf’.

The My First Year™ album collection

‘A 3 album collection featuring 20 images per album (1 album per My First Year™ shoot)’

A fine collection of 3 handmade albums that will sit beautifully on your coffee table or shelf and poured over by you, your family and friends. I have two different sized My First Year™ album collections- 6×6″/7×5″ albums or 12×12″/14×10″ albums. Each album can incorporate 20 images (or more if you wish) of your choice collected over each of your baby’s My First Year™ shoots.


Flush Mount albums come from the UK’s leading professional photographic laboratory. They are a stimulating range of stylish contemporary book bound albums. Astounding quality, contemporary design, true craftsmanship and reliability are all the words that spring to mind when you browse through a Flush Mount Album. Each album is individually crafted and made from quality materials and are built up to a standard and not down to a price. I personally design these albums. I design them by using unique and elegant layouts featuring symmetry and simplicity to produce a timeless look. These albums will not age over time and I don’t follow any trends or fashions, meaning the albums will still look good tomorrow, next month and for many years to follow! The prints that make up these particular albums are printed by using a traditional silver halide process giving you the complete confidence in the albums durability.

The My First Year™ frame collection

‘A 12 frame collection featuring 12 images (4 frames per My First Year™ shoot)’

A beautiful collection of 12 handmade frames, designed to complement your images and your style. I have two different sized My First Year™ frame collections- 10″ frames with 7″ prints or 14″ frames with 10″ prints. Each collection can incorporate a variety of single images collected over your baby’s first year from his/her My First Year™ shoots. Perfect for small, medium or large wall spaces that are crying out for bespoke artwork. The different sets of frames from each My First Year™ shoot can be hung separately on your wall, stairs, on different walls throughout your house or built up into a large 12 frame wall display over the course of your baby’s My First Year™ shoots.


There are three frame options; fine-grained ayous wood finished in black, white or pewter (silver). The frames are complimented with a beautiful deep white window mount and printed using the highest quality papers. Prints are heat-sealed onto a backing board to preserve their quality. I work closely with a superb made-to-measure art framing company and will create the perfect collection of frames especially for your wall space and decor. I will work with you to custom design your finished products.

I take on a very limited amount of My First Year™ shoots per year. If you are interested in a baby or child photo shoot you can see further examples of my work here, find out more about the My First Year™ or other photo shoots here or contact me for further information here.

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