Alfie’s My First Year™ Frame


Alfie’s My First Year™ frame

Fiona and Toby wanted a story board frame, featuring photographs from their son’s My First Year™ sessions, that would complement their existing frames (below) that I did for them four years ago after photographing their wonderful wedding. They’ve never been too keen on having albums of photographs, preferring instead to have framed pictures hanging in their stunning home!

After Alfie’s final My First Year™ shoot, we sat down to view all the images taken during the three shoots, and I asked Fiona and Toby to choose their favourite images. I then took these images away and came up with some ideas for a story board frame. The frame above was the finished result, and I think you’ll agree, it captures perfectly Alfie’s first year! All of the images in Alfie’s My First Year™ frame were taken in 3 separate shoots over the course of a year. They document Alfie at 1 month, 7 month and 1-year-old. All of the images were taken using natural light. The first 2 shoots were taken at the family home with the third shoot took place at Battersea Park, a stones throw away from their home (and the location for Fiona and Toby’s pre-wedding shoot 4 years ago). The image in the middle of the frame is taken in exactly the same spot as Fiona and Toby’s wedding guest signature frame (below), which I took at their pre-wedding shoot!

The prints are framed in a very stylish white/cream curved ‘loft’ frame and is mounted in a very deep bevelled mount. The frame is hung in their hallway on the opposite wall to their wedding guest signature frame and just around the corner are their wedding frames (below). Their hallway has become a beautiful gallery of memories from some very important times in their lives! It really is lovely and looks amazing.

I am very happy to offer a personal home design consultation to discuss your frame options. I can advise you where best to hang your framed images and help you decide which frames complement your home’s interior. Following your Home design consultation, using the latest technology, I can give you a graphic design solution of how your frames will actually look on the walls of your own home.

**Update-Fiona and Toby have since had two more sons, Bertie and Wilf! You can see their frames here.

Please feel free to get in contact to discuss your ideas.

General signature for letter


Fiona & Toby’s guest signature frame, taken on their pre-wedding shoot


The first of two frames from Fiona & Toby’s wedding


The second of two frames from Fiona & Toby’s wedding

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