Home Design Service in action 5 {Portrait}

Below is an example of a home design consultation with a longterm wedding and portrait client of mine in Northamptonshire. The original wall frame layout (the first three photos) was intended for my clients stair wall but then they moved house!....so we had to go back to the drawing board for the new house! The images included in the layout come from a single family shoot that I did for the family. The original images from this shoot can be viewed by clicking here. We also decided to include a few images from the my clients wedding (that I photographed back in 2009) in the second layout for … [Read more...]

Alfie’s My First Year™ Frame

Fiona and Toby wanted a story board frame, featuring photographs from their son's My First Year™ sessions, that would complement their existing frames (below) that I did for them four years ago after photographing their wonderful wedding. They've never been too keen on having albums of photographs, preferring instead to have framed pictures hanging in their stunning home! After Alfie's final My First Year™ shoot, we sat down to view all the images taken during the three shoots, and I asked Fiona and Toby to choose their favourite images. I then took these images away and came up with some … [Read more...]

My First Year™ Album & Frame Collections

The ever popular My First Year™ service is made up of 3 photo shoots. Shoot 1 captures your tiny baby as a sleepy newborn, Shoot 2 captures your bigger cackling 6 month old and Shoot 3 captures your (wobbly?) walking and talking (kind of?) one year old. In the past most of my clients have had an album or collection of frames at the end of their baby's My First Year™ adventure. However that meant waiting a whole year before they had any gorgeous albums to show off or frames to proudly display on their walls (unless they ordered products along the way). This got me thinking…and I came up with … [Read more...]

Avery’s My First Year™ Album

Last year I sadly waved goodbye to a family that I have been photographing for the last year (and a bit!) Emily, Eric, Avery and the family dog Egan recently left London to return to the States. I had previously had the honour of photographing Emily and Eric's daughter, Avery 3 times in her first year (and a bit!) I photographed Avery for the first time when she was 8 days old, again when she was 8 months old and finally when she was 1 year and 2 months. Over this period I had photographed Avery as a sleepy newborn, crawling, sitting up and eventually walking. It was truly a memorable year … [Read more...]

Brothers {1000 words #6}

A picture is worth a 1000 words Delving into my image archive to re-publish a series of images that encapsulate meaning and emotion This image is a firm favourite of mine. It was taken 4 years ago and features two one-month old twin brothers, Leo and Nici. It was one of the first of many images taken for a wonderful family. I've been very fortunate to have photographed this family on a number of occasions over the last 4 years. This image was taken in the loft room using natural light only. It is an unusual image because you can't see the boys faces and most people would have turned the … [Read more...]

A present for myself

I recently treated myself to a little present and I thought I would share it with you all!  I got myself a 'Photo Block' featuring my little daughter Sia. It is great and I am very happy with my purchase! The 'Photo Block' is the perfect memento, very affordable (perfect as a gift) and is stunning! The 'Photo Block' can showcase up to two of your favourite images on either side of the block, meaning that it is reversible. The high gloss acrylic finish further enhances the images making them look almost luminous. It would definitely create a talking point in any environment, whether as a … [Read more...]

Jump for joy {1000 words #3}

A picture is worth a 1000 words Delving into my image archive to re-publish a series of images that encapsulate meaning and emotion This image was taken in late Autumn at a favourite haunt of mine in Wimbledon, London.  This image captures the fun and energy of being young and free. Hopefully this image will help these girls remember the fun of childhood when they look at it in years to come, making the image become more and more precious over time. I have chosen to frame this image in a distressed white/cream frame on a deep cut off white mount. It would look great as a single large … [Read more...]

Light of our life {1000 words #1}

A picture is worth a 1000 words Delving into my image archive to re-publish a series of images that encapsulate meaning and emotion Oliver was pictured at just under a month old. A low-key image taken in my clients home in Kent using window light only. This image captures the joy of new life experienced by parents, joy that I am honoured  to witness on a regular basis because of the wonderful job that I am lucky enough to do. This image was taken from the first of four photo shoots of Oliver's My First Year™. You can see a complete preview of Oliver's My First Year™ by clicking here I … [Read more...]

Home Design Service in action 4 {Portrait}

Below is an example of a recent home design consultation that I did for a client based in Northamptonshire. Following on from their family shoot in the summer, Victoria, Julius and I discussed framing ideas and hanging options for their home. They wanted  frames for one large wall in their house but  were unsure of what size to go for. Victoria had a fantastic idea for a collection of frames and came up with some great ideas for layouts. Below is the design that we came up with and they were thrilled with the results. The final frame collection is a large 6x4 foot frame installation. I am … [Read more...]

The Perfect Present? – Home Design Service In Action 3 {Portrait}

As you can imagine my family receives a lot of photographic Christmas and Birthday gifts from me! Likewise, my sister used to work for Kurt Geiger and she used to buy everyone shoes! Now she works for Apple I'm especially looking forward to Christmas and birthdays :) Below is an example of my sisters latest birthday present and I thought this one was too good not to share! My sister and her family have just recently had their loft converted and she asked me to visit them for a home design consultation (a service I offer to all my clients, as well as my family!) She wanted to discuss framing … [Read more...]