Exclusive Christmas & Winter Offers 2013/14!

Each year, around Christmas time I always put together some special baby and child photo shoot offers. So read away and if any of them take your fancy please get in touch.A baby's first year is over so quickly. The following years continue to whizz past in a flash. If you are a parent, like me, I'm guessing you already know that if you blink, they are suddenly not quite so small! That's why it is so important to capture those memories before it is too late. I will capture natural photos of your little one that can be treasured by you and your family for years to come. This I can guarantee. My … [Read more...]

Baby aah Baby ooh™ {What it’s all about}

'Designed For baby's under 1 year' This popular single baby photography service consists of a bespoke 1-2 hour photo shoot in a location of your choice. A baby's first year is over so quickly. So much growth takes place as your baby expresses their personality. Only too often I hear parents saying that they wished that they had professional photographs taken of their baby in the first year. How will you and your baby remember such an important time in your lives?  Invest in memories that last a lifetime! The optimum time to photograph your baby is within the first 14 days, at 5-7 … [Read more...]

My First Year™ {What it’s all about}

'3 shoots over your baby's first year on planet earth!' This very popular baby photography service consists of 3 wonderful shoots throughout your baby's first year. Each session is usually kept to a maximum of two hours in order to minimise fuss or distraction from your baby's routine. However, I understand that your baby may need to be fed or changed (or just have a cuddle!) so I take a relaxed approach and am happy to ‘go with the flow’. Following each shoot you will be treated to a wonderful audio-visual viewing of your images which can take place in your home or at my viewing room in South … [Read more...]

Kiddywinks™ {What it’s all about}

'Designed for children over 1 year' From experience I have found that a longer amount of time needs to be spent photographing children over 1 years old. Extra time will allow your child to get used to me (and a camera!) and a choice of 2 locations will prevent any boredom. Ultimately, this will result in natural, uncontrived, fun and relaxed images. Following the shoot you will be treated to a wonderful audio-visual viewing of your images which can take place in your home or at my viewing room in South West London. Expect to be presented with beautiful, breath-taking and creative images … [Read more...]

Family Photographer Old, Northamptonshire – Raffaello & Aurelio | Kiddywinks™

Julius, an old friend of mine contacted me recently to organise a family photo shoot for him and his gorgeous family; wife Victoria and sons Raffaello & Aurelio. I did the shoot last weekend and spent a wonderful day with this lovely family (and their big & tough family cat Rambo!) As with all Kiddwinks™ shoots I like to split the shoot in two stages; stage one at my clients home & stage two in a local park or place of interest. It was no surprise to hear that the weather wasn't to be great on the morning of the shoot (typical!) so we spent a bit longer photographing the family … [Read more...]


All of my showreels (sample photography videos) are now available on my blog for public viewing. Take your pick and click on the links below- -My First Year™ showreel -Baby photography showreel -Child photography showreel I would love to hear your feedback. For more information about my photography CLICK HERE To see my latest work CLICK HERE To speak to me in person please email me here or contact me on 01767 677 691 or 07814 234 553 … [Read more...]