Pre-Wedding Photographer Piccadilly, London- Sarah and Chris

This was a specially tailored route for Sarah and Chris' pre-wedding shoot. Charlie and I met this lovely couple for a quick coffee and chat at the Royal Academy of Arts and then off we went! We started off at Savile Row, then ventured onto New Bond Street and Green Park via The Royal Academy of Art Courtyard and The Ritz. Chris appropriately called it 'The Tourist Route'. However we started the pre-wedding shoot slightly earlier than usual to avoid the Tourist rush...and it paid off! Sarah and Chris were great fun to photograph and they were very relaxed in front of the camera. Charlie and I … [Read more...]

Pre-Wedding Photographer Southbank, London- Stef & Santi

I believe that to create wonderful photography you need to have a strong connection with your subject. I definitely clicked with Stef and Santi, and from our first conversation, I knew their wedding was going to be a great adventure! In fact for most of the phone conversation we spoke about all things except photography! When I met them for a consultation all of this was confirmed.Stef and Santi are childhood sweethearts, they met when they were 16 and 17 - very rare to come across nowadays. It's clear to see that Stef and Santi were made for each other. Both are originally from Surrey but … [Read more...]

My 2012 in photos & videos

THANK YOU to my families for letting me in to capture their family magic. THANK YOU to my wedding clients for letting me into their lives and trusting me to create their and my vision. THANK YOU to my second photographers, Charlie and Clare for joining me for the ride and for their gorgeous photography and and Simon, my intern for the help. THANK YOU to my family and friends. THANK YOU to my wonderful wife for making me the proudest man alive. What a year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a big happy new year to you all. Let's make the number 13 lucky! See the full blog … [Read more...]

Pre-Wedding Photographer Southbank, City of London- Kirstine & Grant

Clare and I recently had the pleasure of photographing Kirstine and Grant's pre-wedding shoot in the city of London. Wind and scattered rain seemed to be the order of the day, but with plenty of cover and coffee shops to protect us we managed to get some great shots along the way. Kirstine and Grant were the perfect models in quite challenging weather conditions! We can't wait for Kirstine and Grant's Wedding at St Lukes Church and Northbrook Park in August! It sounds like it'll be a great day and we are now owed a serious amount of glorious sunshine for the big day too...pretty … [Read more...]

Pre-Wedding Photographer City of London- Fiona & David

Charlie and I recently photographed Fiona and David's pre-wedding shoot in the city of London. The weather wasn't great but Fiona and David braved the elements and went ahead with the shoot armed with umbrellas!  It turned out to be a wonderful city shoot and the miserable weather didn't matter in the slightest - great shots and a great time with this perfect couple! We can't wait for Fiona and David's Wedding in July! It sounds like it'll be a perfect day! I only take on a maximum of 10 weddings each year, if you would like to see more of my work please take a look … [Read more...]

Pre-Wedding Photographer Battersea, London- Louise & Gareth

During what can only be described as the worst April weather I've ever experienced, we managed to find a couple of hours to complete this wonderful pre-wedding shoot with Lou, Gareth and little Olivia. Luckily, during the shoot, the rain stayed away and we managed to get some fab shots without getting drenched! Armed with an umbrella each, we set off on a walk and shoot around one of my favourite South West London Parks. The dramatic rain filled skies added a bit of moodiness to the images but luckily the rain stayed in the sky for most of the day and we managed to stay dry. Olivia, like … [Read more...]

Pre-Wedding Photographer Wimbledon, London- Jade & Adam

This pre-wedding shoot got off to a slight hitch as Jade's sat nav broke on route to Wimbledon for the pre-wedding shoot. Jade had a make-up trial in the morning with Gemma Sutton, who did a stunning job on an already perfect bride to be! Adam, looking very sharp, had arrived earlier as we awaited Jade's arrival. The moment she walked through the door Adam's eye's lit up, he leapt from his seat to give Jade a big reassuring cuddle. After a quick chat over coffee and biscuits (and a calming glass of wine for Jade!) we ventured off into the fresh spring air and glorious sunshine for a relaxing … [Read more...]