Home Design Service in action 5 {Portrait}

Below is an example of a home design consultation with a longterm wedding and portrait client of mine in Northamptonshire. The original wall frame layout (the first three photos) was intended for my clients stair wall but then they moved house!....so we had to go back to the drawing board for the new house! The images included in the layout come from a single family shoot that I did for the family. The original images from this shoot can be viewed by clicking here. We also decided to include a few images from the my clients wedding (that I photographed back in 2009) in the second layout for … [Read more...]

Baby Photographer Towcester, Northamptonshire- Harry | Baby ahh Baby ooh™

Harry, the third of three boys! And what a boy he is! I photographed Rhiannon and Andrew's wedding 3 years ago.  So it was great to see them both again and meet Harry, their youngest son who was born in September 2012. I went to Northampton earlier this month to photograph Harry at their beautiful home in Towcester. Harry is perhaps the smiliest baby I've ever met! I absolutely loved photographing him. From the moment he woke up, right through to the end of the shoot he literally didn't stop smiling! There was no winging from Harry....he was great to photograph because he is just such a … [Read more...]

Home Design Service in action 4 {Portrait}

Below is an example of a recent home design consultation that I did for a client based in Northamptonshire. Following on from their family shoot in the summer, Victoria, Julius and I discussed framing ideas and hanging options for their home. They wanted  frames for one large wall in their house but  were unsure of what size to go for. Victoria had a fantastic idea for a collection of frames and came up with some great ideas for layouts. Below is the design that we came up with and they were thrilled with the results. The final frame collection is a large 6x4 foot frame installation. I am … [Read more...]

Family Photographer Old, Northamptonshire – Raffaello & Aurelio | Kiddywinks™

Julius, an old friend of mine contacted me recently to organise a family photo shoot for him and his gorgeous family; wife Victoria and sons Raffaello & Aurelio. I did the shoot last weekend and spent a wonderful day with this lovely family (and their big & tough family cat Rambo!) As with all Kiddwinks™ shoots I like to split the shoot in two stages; stage one at my clients home & stage two in a local park or place of interest. It was no surprise to hear that the weather wasn't to be great on the morning of the shoot (typical!) so we spent a bit longer photographing the family … [Read more...]