Baby photographer Clapham | Baxter | My First Year™ {Complete)

What a wonderful time I have had photographing Baxter for his My First Year™ shoots. Here is a small sample of the lovely images we have captured over the past year. It's been great looking through them again and seeing how Baxter has grown so much. In fact, when I did the final viewing with mum, Zoe and dad, Jason of all the images we were all rather overwhelmed with how much he has changed. Baxter's My First Year™ album looks amazing and we had a good old chuckle, oohed and aahed over all the images when I delivered the finished product to Zoe and Jason last week. You can see … [Read more...]

Baby first year photographer Clapham | Baxter | My First Year™ Pt.3

The lovely little Baxi's final My First Year™ shoot took place last month. Oh my, he has grown into an even more (if that is possible!) gorgeous little man! While Baxter's older brother Barney went to the shops with their dad, Jason, Baxi, mum Zoe and I played with toys and drums, to get the perfect images on his final My First Year shoot. We had a great time, although he was less interested in playing and more interesting in destroying the lamp next to his cot!! When big brother Barney returned, the two brothers did a bit of bouncing on the bed (always a favourite!) and then it was time to … [Read more...]