My First Year™ Album & Frame Collections

The ever popular My First Year™ service is made up of 3 photo shoots. Shoot 1 captures your tiny baby as a sleepy newborn, Shoot 2 captures your bigger cackling 6 month old and Shoot 3 captures your (wobbly?) walking and talking (kind of?) one year old. In the past most of my clients have had an album or collection of frames at the end of their baby's My First Year™ adventure. However that meant waiting a whole year before they had any gorgeous albums to show off or frames to proudly display on their walls (unless they ordered products along the way). This got me thinking…and I came up with … [Read more...]

Avery’s My First Year™ Album

Last year I sadly waved goodbye to a family that I have been photographing for the last year (and a bit!) Emily, Eric, Avery and the family dog Egan recently left London to return to the States. I had previously had the honour of photographing Emily and Eric's daughter, Avery 3 times in her first year (and a bit!) I photographed Avery for the first time when she was 8 days old, again when she was 8 months old and finally when she was 1 year and 2 months. Over this period I had photographed Avery as a sleepy newborn, crawling, sitting up and eventually walking. It was truly a memorable year … [Read more...]

Exclusive Christmas & Winter Offers 2013/14!

Each year, around Christmas time I always put together some special baby and child photo shoot offers. So read away and if any of them take your fancy please get in touch.A baby's first year is over so quickly. The following years continue to whizz past in a flash. If you are a parent, like me, I'm guessing you already know that if you blink, they are suddenly not quite so small! That's why it is so important to capture those memories before it is too late. I will capture natural photos of your little one that can be treasured by you and your family for years to come. This I can guarantee. My … [Read more...]

My 2012 in photos & videos

THANK YOU to my families for letting me in to capture their family magic. THANK YOU to my wedding clients for letting me into their lives and trusting me to create their and my vision. THANK YOU to my second photographers, Charlie and Clare for joining me for the ride and for their gorgeous photography and and Simon, my intern for the help. THANK YOU to my family and friends. THANK YOU to my wonderful wife for making me the proudest man alive. What a year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a big happy new year to you all. Let's make the number 13 lucky! See the full blog … [Read more...]

Baby Photographer Clapham, London- Baxter | My First Year™ {Part 2}

I must confess to getting rather excited when its time to do a photo shoot with this wonderful family. I met this family a few years ago when they booked me to photograph their first son when he was just a baby. This time it was the turn of their second son, Baxter for a photo shoot as he was due his second instalment of  My First Year™. Little brother Baxter is now 5 and a half months old and already has the same smile that his older brother, Barney has....a big wide grin that looks like a cartoon smile! Just gorgeous! These boys are going to break some hearts! Baxter is such a happy chap … [Read more...]

Child and Family Photographer Wimbledon, London – Elizabeth & Emma | Concept™

This photo shoot was a present for Emma and Elizabeth's Dad birthday. We shot this a month before Paul's birthday and the girls managed to keep it a secret! Well done girls, I am very impressed! This shoot also doubled as the family's annual Christmas cards too. Mum, Lisa, killed 2 birds with one stone! Clever lady! What a gorgeous day that we picked for the shoot. We had glorious sunshine and Autumn was well and truly in full bloom. Just look at the colours to see why this is my favourite time of the year for photos! We all had so much fun on this shoot. We blew bubbles, played catch, … [Read more...]

Baby & Child Photographer Kensington, London- hello again Avery | Baby aah Baby ooh™

Avery was born on Valentine's day and was only 8 days old when I first photographed her. Fast forward 6 months and she's grown into an expressive, bubbly and extremely cute little girl with the most perfect round cheeks! She is utterly adorable! During my second shoot with this lovely family, I got to witness Avery eating her lunch.....which was hilarious! She was demanding food like it was going out of fashion! Emily, Avery's mum couldn't feed her quick enough and in between spoonfuls, Avery was looking to me for food. It was very funny indeed! Egan, the family dog was just brilliant. … [Read more...]

Newborn Baby Photographer Canterbury, Kent- Oliver | My First Year™ {Complete}

So we have sadly come to an end of documenting Oliver's My First Year™. Oliver was just under a month old young when we started his My First Year™ journey. I have really enjoyed photographing this lovely family and watching Oliver grow has been a privilege...he has the best giggle around! Here is a small selection of highlights from Oliver's My First Year™ shoots. My previous shoots with Oliver, Isabelle, Hannah and Will can be found  here (MFY Pt. 3), here (Expression™ shoot), here (MFY Pt. 2) and on my old blog here (MFY Pt. 1). Thank you for a truly brilliant year Oliver, Isabelle, … [Read more...]

Baby Photographer Kent- Oliver | My First Year™ Part. 3

Here are some highlights from the final shoot of the lovely (not so) little Oliver's My First Year™. We decided to do a walk and shoot along the gorgeous Kent coastline, ending up on one of my favourite Kent beaches, Broadstairs. We were lucky to be blessed with a sunny day too! I first met Oliver back when he was a tiny dark-haired newborn he is a blonde haired little boy with a big personality! Observing him growing over the last year or so has been an utter joy. Oliver has had an infectious giggle every single time I have photographed him and I don't think a minute went past … [Read more...]

Baby aah Baby ooh™ {What it’s all about}

'Designed For baby's under 1 year' This popular single baby photography service consists of a bespoke 1-2 hour photo shoot in a location of your choice. A baby's first year is over so quickly. So much growth takes place as your baby expresses their personality. Only too often I hear parents saying that they wished that they had professional photographs taken of their baby in the first year. How will you and your baby remember such an important time in your lives?  Invest in memories that last a lifetime! The optimum time to photograph your baby is within the first 14 days, at 5-7 … [Read more...]